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US Golf Data - Affiliates

US Golf Data, A leader in US golf course information, is pleased to list our affiliates:

National Golf Foundation
US Golf Data serves as the golf scorecard data provider to National Golf Foundation and is a preferred broker of NGF Database products and services ~ National Golf Foundation Web Site

Some of the people we work with:

The Golf Game Book Golf Pipeline The Golf Channel Golf Magazine Golf Course America NGF Junior Golf Scoreboard
  • The National Golf Foundation
  • ESPN
  • The USGA
  • My Golfing Goals
  • UME Golf (Canada)
  • The Game Book
  • Divot Track Golf
  • Hook or Slice.com
  • Smart Card
  • The Golf Race (UK)
  • iYardage
  • The PGA of America
  • eGolf Plan
  • Challenge Golf
  • Jr Golf Scoreboard
  • Loopcard.net
  • Golf Butler (Canada)

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We support our Veterans

Veteran's Rehab with American Lakes Veterans Golf Course! VeteranGolf.Org Hear "Before You Go" - a beautiful veterans tribute song.
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"Before You Go" is offered as an expression of heartfelt gratitude to our aging veterans - those who fought and won the Second World War, fought in Korea to preserve that victory, and later in an unpopular war to stop post WWII communist aggression's in Vietnam.