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About US Golf Data

US Golf Data has been collecting and qualifying US golf course data since 2008. We have built and currently manage and maintain the largest database of independently verified golf scorecard and golf course data available.

US Golf Data also serves as the golf scorecard data provider for the National Golf Foundation and is a preferred broker of NGF's database products and services.

Providing our clients with the most accurate data available combined with excellent customer service is our focus and commitment.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your US Golf Data needs.

US Golf Data - A subsidiary of Golf Diary Inc.
2671 S Course Dr #104
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

John Melnick - Data Consultant/Owner

Tel: 954.240.0186



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We support our Veterans

Veteran's Rehab with American Lakes Veterans Golf Course! VeteranGolf.Org Hear "Before You Go" - a beautiful veterans tribute song.
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"Before You Go" is offered as an expression of heartfelt gratitude to our aging veterans - those who fought and won the Second World War, fought in Korea to preserve that victory, and later in an unpopular war to stop post WWII communist aggression's in Vietnam.