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US Golf Data - What We Do

US Golf Data owns, licenses, and maintain information for over 17,000 US golf courses. We are adding and editing information constantly in attempt to present the most current and accurate course data available.

The fields of data chosen to present, we believe, are the most important to the average golfer and consideration to difficulty in maintaining the information has also been taken into account.

Our thought is to gather information from as closely to the golf club as possible. That would mean the actual scorecard from the course is our first choice of reference. If a scorecard is not available online, we will contact the course directly.

It is the nature of data to change. Keeping up with those changes is a top priority. Cross referencing always.

The building of this database has so far been a four year process and is not yet completed. Once all courses are in the data, the job of updating course modifications, new courses and closings will always exist.

US Golf Data database provides tee and yardage, statistics, and scorecard information, plus much more. As important as the quantity and type of data we present is to us, the quality of our data is paramount. Golf data for the US Golf Industry currently includes information on 17,000 +/- US golf courses.

Data currently available includes:

Information fields:

  • Course Name
  • City
  • State
  • Street Address
  • Zip Code
  • County
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Website
  • Course Designer (Architect)
  • Year Built
  • Course Status (Public, Private, Municipal, etc.)
  • Guest Policy
  • Season
  • Email address
  • Course Manager

Course Information:

  • Course ID Number
  • Course Tee Number
  • Course Name
  • Number of Holes
  • Hole Yardages
  • Front Nine Yardage
  • Back Nine Yardage
  • Par per hole
  • Par per tee
  • Number of tees
  • Total Tee Yardage
  • Rating
  • Slope
  • Hole Handicaps (Stroke Index)

US Golf Data is constantly updating and editing its data. We are dedicated to providing our clients accurate golf course data and building long term business relationships. Our work begins after the data is delivered. Green fees and Driving Ranges soon to come.

Licensing fees begin at $49 (Course mailing list). Call for tee/yardage and rating/slope pricing information (954) 240-0186.

The licensing fee is a one time expense. The yearly relicensing fee is $400 and includes all updates, edited and new courses added. It is not necessary to license the entire database. Pricing for data is relative to the amount of data accepted. There are also financial options available to help get your project up and running. Our course ID system will allow you to add data at anytime.

US Golf Data is dedicated to providing our clients with the golf data they need and interested in building long term business relationships, not just licensing data.

Ask about our data maintenance program, which is quite affordable and highly suggested.

Custom Layouts are available for a nominal setup fee.

GPS Longitude and Latitude for course addresses is available for a $100 surcharge.

US Golf Data is dedicated to providing its clients the very best information available backed by a solid, quick response to any issue reported.

That is our commitment. That is what makes US Golf Data the first choice.

Our door is always open.

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