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US Golf Data - Client Testimonials

Golf Tee BoxThis is what a few of our clients had to say about their experience so far with US Golf Data .

For now, here are a selection of our success stories. Each of them contribute to our 100% customer satisfaction record - something we are proud of, and determined to maintain!


"US Golf Data is a true partner and a key component of the SocialPutts service offering.US Golf Data 's course information makes it possible for SocialPutts to drive users directly to golf course websites to book tee times, increasing course revenues and validating the SocialPutts business model. On the golfer side, US Golf Data 's tee-level data enables golfers to compete in SocialPutts scramble events and log their scores playing from any tee at virtually any course in the United States."

Art F.

The golf course data provided to us by US Golf Data has increased our productivity tremendously. We use the US Golf Data information in our calculation which ranks over 10,000 junior golfers across the country. This information must be accurate and up-to-date. If we identify missing or out of date information, John is quick to track down and provide us the correct updated information.

John H
Junior Golf Scoreboard

"We're very excited to partner with US Golf Data to bring a complete golf course database to the members of MyScorecard. Given the nature of our service, accurate course ratings and slopes are very important to us. John has been tireless in working with us to ensure that the information he gives us is accurate, ensures that corrections are made promptly, and is willing to accommodate our other needs. We look forward to continuing to work with him to bring the best and most accurate information to our members."

-Jack Kolodny


I wanted to take a minute to offer my praise for the service that you have provided me through your company US Golf Data and Golf Diary Inc. You are extremely professional, timely, accommodating and go above the expectation to make your customers happy. The information that you provide is accurate and I can’t thank you for the time that you have saved me since finding your service. I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone in need of the service to which you provide. Below is my contact information should anyone need a personal reference; please feel free to have them contact me.

Thanks for all that you do as I look forward to furthering our business relationship together.

Here's to a hole in one!

Michael Fay
President and CEO
HookOrSlice.com, LLC

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